Sebastopol Satsang

Bhajan 1: Teri Hardam Yam, pg 44


Morning Talk 10: The Outward Symbols and Expressions of One Who Has True Love for the Master. Master Kirpal Singh, pg 57

By Love Serve One Another, Circular June 6, 1967 Master Kirpal, The Way of the Saints, pg 335


Bhajan 2: Lag Jae Dhyan Kirpal, pg 69


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Sant Bani – June 23, 2019

Sant Bani Satsang     Reading 1: “Always Mind Is the Obstacle”, Q&A after meditation on May 2, 1977 at Sant Bani Ashram, New Hampshire.  Printed in the September 1983 Sant Bani Magazine Reading 2: “Gurubhakti: A Lesson in Love”, a talk of Master Kirpal. Printed in...

Sant Bani – June 16, 2019

Sant Bani Satsang     Reading 1: “Drops of Elixir”, selections from Master Kirpal’s letters, printed in the January 1975 SAT SANDESH Magazine Reading 2: “Always Mind Is the Obstacle”, Q&A after meditation on May 2, 1977 at Sant Bani Ashram, New Hampshire.  Printed...

Sant Bani – June 9, 2019

Sant Bani Satsang     Reading 1: “The Constant Flow of Grace”, Q&A with Sant Ji in Rajasthan, September 26, 1982.  Printed in the October 1982 Sant Bani Magazine. Reading 2: “The Cage of the Soul”, a letter of Master Kirpal Singh, printed in the February 1983 Sant...

Sebastopol – June 16, 2019

Sebastopol Satsang Bhajan 1: Aaya Satgurun Aaya Ni, pg 133 Readings: Morning Talk 12: Chastity – Whom Should We Love, I Master Kirpal Singh, pg 71 Chapter 2, The Birthright to Become God, page 23 The Coming Spiritual Revolution, Kirpal Singh Chapter 6, The Gift of the...

Sebastopol – June 2, 2019

Sebastopol Satsang Bhajan 1: Jhuta Sansar Hai, pg 123 Readings: Morning Talk 11: Chastity – We Must Become Self-centered Master Kirpal Singh, pg 63 Surat Shabd Yoga, Master Kirpal, The Crown of Life, pg 137 Little, Little Things, Master Kirpal, The Coming Spiritual...

Sebastopol – May 12, 2019

Sebastopol Satsang Bhajan 1: Betha Ghat Ghat Vich Datar Ve, pg 186 Readings: Morning Talk 9: How to Develop Love Master Kirpal Singh, pg 53 Letter 28, Sawan Singh. Spiritual Gems, page 56(also Sant Bani Magazine July/August, 1996) No More Time to Sleep, Sant Ajaib...

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