Sant Bani Ashram

Sanbornton, NH

Sat Sandesh – The Message of the Masters

With the grace of the Master, and the seva of many disciples of Master Kirpal, the PDF collection of Sat Sandesh Magazines have been redone as high-quality PDF files. These files are searchable and better quality than the previous versions.

Click on the year you are interested in and you will be able to read each months magazine online or download it to your device. You can also download the entire year as one file, similar to the bound volumes.

To search a magazine or the digital years volume: Download and save the magazine to your computer, open the magazine by clicking on its icon on your computer desktop. At the top of the page is a magnifying glass with three dots, click on that to open a search box where you can search for specific words or phrases. 

"If you knew how much I love you, you will go on dancing!" - Kirpal Singh