Evening Satsang Recordings Via Zoom 


Every day, except Sundays, there is live Satsang via zoom at 7:30 pm EST. If you want to join us, please contact us. On Sundays, live Satsang is at 11 am. There is also a brief mediation talk at 6:25 (Mon-Sat) and at 9:55 on Sundays.  

On this page, you will find the recordings for the last three weeks. Every week, a new set of recordings will be added and the old ones will be removed. Click on the date you want to listen to; you will be redirected to the zoom.us website. If, due to technical problems, a satsang was not recorded it will appear in grey instead of in blue.  

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Monday, September 13

Tuesday, September 14

Wednesday, September 15

Thursday, September 16

Friday, September 17

Saturday, September 18

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Monday, September 6

Tuesday, September 7

Wednesday, September 8

Thursday, September 9

Friday, September 10

Saturday, September 11

Sant Ajaib Singh’s Birth Anniversary

6am – Meditation Retreat

9:30am – Meditation Retreat

3:00pm – Meditation Retreat

7:30pm – Meditation Retreat

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Monday, August 30

Tuesday, August 31

Wednesday, September 1

Thursday, September 2

Friday, September 3

Saturday, September 4  

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“If You lift the veil between us, what harm would it do to you?” 

Master Kirpal (Jo Baksho Hamko)