Sant Bani Ashram

Sanbornton, NH



“Sant Ji came to the Yellow Point Lodge Resort in June 1977 for 8 glorious days to be with approximately 200 dear ones. He came directly from Sant Bani  Ashram on His first tour and then continued to the Surrey Ashram, south of Vancouver, BC. He was invited by Norma Fraser, the Nanaimo group leader and He came again to Nanaimo on His 1980 tour. The Retreat continued in 1978 and when Norma left her body in 1985,  the program continued at her request and with Sant Ji’s blessing.
The Retreat is scheduled for the last weekend in September from Friday at 3:00 pm to Sunday at 1:00 pm, after lunch. Yellow Point Lodge Resort is on Vancouver Island, south of Nanaimo, resting on 185 acres of protected rain forest and a mile of beachfront.  There is a 2-hour ferry from Vancouver over to Vancouver Island to the Retreat.
The Resort can accommodate a maximum of 105 dear ones. We have been consistently full with registrations that fill up quickly, and with a wait-list.

We will have a final decision on whether we will Host a physically attended Yellow Point Retreat this October 1, 2 and 3, 2021. 

An information letter will be emailed to everyone by July 31, 2021. If we have a 2nd Zoom Retreat on those 3 dates, Crown of Life  is ready to do this seva. For more information, please go to their website: for current and updated information during Covid-19.

Any updates for the 2021 Retreat will be posted. If you have any questions please email Theresa Crawford at [email protected]  or call her at 604-541-2992.