Sant Bani Ashram

Sanbornton, NH

These bhajans were written and sung by Sant Ji and it is very sweet to have them and be able to listen to them. You may notice that sometimes the lines are not exactly the same as in the bhajan book as He was singing by heart.

If you want to download the bhajans to listen to them offline CLICK HERE.

Song to Kirpal

The Name of God is a beautiful fragrant tree;
Beloved ones, Master has planted that tree within me.
Daily watering it with the water of Satsang,
Beloved ones, He made it flourish wonderfully.
The tree within me has given the fragrance of Naam;
Beloved ones, it increased and is now bearing fruit.
Long live beautiful Master Kirpal;
Beloved ones, it is He Who has planted this tree.
Through the remembrance of Kirpal, 
Many sinners have been liberated;
Ajaib says, Never stop bowing at Kirpal’s feet.
O Master of Masters, listen to my plea:
I have only one request, my Beloved.
I will never find another like You,
But you will find thousands like me.
Do not turn me away from Thy door, O Beloved;
Do not look at the account of my faults.
If I had no faults, my Beloved,
Then whom would You have forgiven?
I am Your guilty one at each and every step,
I am full of faults moment after moment.
Beloved Master, forgive me.
I was useless, who paid attention to me?
Then I found Master Kirpal Singh, Who made my body useful.
If I were someone else’s child, 
I would have been bankrupt of devotion.
But Master Kirpal had mercy on me, 
And gave me this immeasurable wealth.
My lips are saturated with His bani, 
And tears fall from my eyes;
In the separation from my Guru I am suffering day and night.
I sigh, “When will I see Kirpal?” 
At this thought my heart is breaking.
When will that day return when I will have His darshan ceaselessly?
If I don’t have His darshan tomorrow, 
my mind won’t rest on this earth-
Only Master Kirpal can relieve Ajaib of his pain.
To You I offer my prayers.
I am Your lover in heart and soul.
Nanak and the others sing Your praises; I am nobody.