Sant Bani Ashram

Sanbornton, NH


Yellow Point Retreat – September 2019

Two videos were played during the retreat; you can click on the tittles to watch them. The Joy of Meditation and On Enthusiasm 

Friday Evening 9/27/19
Steve reads from In Search of the Gracious One

Don talks about his connection to the Canadian Sangat Don introduces movies.

Sant Ji on Enthusiasm

Morning Talks, with commentary by Russell
He also talks about a Saturday night movie, Russell and The Joy of Meditation

Saturday Morning 9/28/19
Steve reads more from In Search of the Gracious One
Don reads Sant Ji Q&A on maintaining enthusiasm
Steve reads announcement of death of Mr Nagra, story of the origins of the Vancouver, BC Sangat.

Russell reads his account of Sant ji’s 1977 visit to Nanaimo, Sant Bani Magazine September 1977. Reads “Masters come for Sinners” March 1978 SBM.

Russell reads excerpt from Kirpal Satsang, January 19th 1964, Washington DC

Personal stories

3-stuffed-chapaties skit (not recorded) Don introduces movies

Interview from The Light of Kirpal – The Joy of Meditation with Russell

Russell reads two Letters of Master Sawan Singh