Sant Bani Ashram

Sanbornton, NH


Yellow Point Retreat – September 28, 29 and 30, 2018


Steve reads stories of Mastana Ji.

Don reads extracts from Sant Ji Satsangs “this world is full of miseries”, Naam is the medicine.

Jim reads Sant Ji Q&A “is there Joy on this Path?”. Role of humor.

Video: 20 minute edit from a Sant Ji Satsang, Hymn of Swami Ji

Mary sings: Naam Tumara Hirde Vase

Steve: more stories of Mastana Ji

Don: Talk by Mark Hoffman, Bangalore, July 1993, sitting at Heaven’s door.  Santi Ji Q&A, Family protection

Russell: Letters of Sawan Singh, from July 1978 SBM. letter to Mrs. Brock July 23, 1919.

Russell: from Way of the Saints. The Psychology of Mysticism. (also Circular 17)  

Stories: Maranne, Greg T., Joe. 

Don gives short history of Shamaz and the recent wild fire.

Mary sings two bhajans. Greg M. and Kevin sing.

Group sings Don’s Comfy Chair song.

Russell: excerpts from Sant Ji on forgiveness and inclusiveness. The Master never leaves us!