December 17, 1925

Published in Sant Bani Magazine, July 2000

This letter was written to Dr. and Mrs. H. M. Brock of Port Angeles, Washington, Baba Sawan Singh’s first American initiates. For many years Dr. Brock was His only Representative in the West.

December 17, 1925

Dear Daughter and Dear Son,

This is in reply to your letter dated August 13. You had enclosed in your letter a letter from Mrs. _____ and your reply to that. I am glad to read that you can “smile over it all now as childish nonsense.” It was a shock to your attachment to them and see how mere way of looking at things brings pain, pleasure or indifference. Beauty lies in working without attachment. I do not mean calculated or reasoned out detachment but detachment which has become a part of life. This is acquired only when mind is under control and satisfied with the sweet music of within. The Californians are beginners yet. They have not yet realized what a Satsang really means. In this line of work they are like ignorant children. By and by they will learn. As Satsangis you should look at their souls and not at their minds. The evil lies in the mind and is curable. Saints look at the devotee’s soul and not at his mind or body and this is the reason why Saints are never disappointed.

Attachments through body end in pain because body is changeable and perishes. Mental attachment fares no better either. Man is endowed with the power of detaching himself from body and mind. He shakes off his body and mind daily many a time but the interval is very short; the easiest way to do it is to associate himself with something which is beyond the body and the mind, and that is the “Sound Current.” The greater the association with this Current, the greater the detachment from the body and mind.

The world has never been kind to Saints and their real followers. The great Guru Nanak was made to grind corn in jail, [and He] was refused shelter by villagers. Guru Arjan was made to sit on hot irons. Tabrez was de-skinned. Mansoor was fretted, de-limbed and then beheaded. Christ was crucified, what to say of the harsh words. But what was the response of these great men? Christ said, “O God, give them Light for they see not. . . .”

So dear daughter and dear son, do not mind a bit of what has happened. Forgive and forget all, start fresh as they say. I wish that you remain corresponding with the Californians and meet them when convenient. They will be benefited by corresponding with you. Your clear unbiased minds will tell upon theirs. Your loving and affectionate letters will induce love and affection in them and their hearts will melt. Sant Mat is not a platform for debates; it is the glory of love. They will come round and I trust that they will respond to love with love.

I am sorry to hear that you (Mrs. Brock) have been suffering from some trouble with your eyes. Our deeds are on our heads. A devotee should bear them patiently as you have done. Pain is transitory like pleasure and will go in its time. Mrs. Brock may give the Instructions in cases of urgency, but as far as possible Doctor should do this. . . .

I am glad to learn that you have purchased a lonely spot on a lake front. An isolated place is ideal for spiritual work. I am very fond of lonely places. My whole period of service has been spent in hills and here even I am in an isolated place on the bank of river Beas. . . .

You may ask any questions you like; there is no restriction. Your question as to whom to look for guidance if the present Master goes out of life is very appropriate. The Master leaves the physical frame in its time like other people but remains with His devotees in the astral form as long as the devotee has not crossed the astral form. All internal guidance will be done by Him and it is He who will come to take charge of the soul at the time of death. And in case a devotee rises above the Eye Focus now and meets Him daily, he will meet Him inwardly there as usual. He will continue to discharge His inward duties of guidance as before, only He cannot give instructions out for the reason that He has left the physical vehicle. The functions which be performed through the physical frame only will now be done by the successor. All outward guidance will be done by the successor and the devotees of the Master that is gone will love the successor no less. They will get the benefit of the outward instructions from the successor. Correspondence will be done with the successor and you will know who the successor is.[1]

The Mediumistic and other similar kinds of work are a poor playing with the mind. It ends in nothing — much ado about nothing. No matter if it is Dr. W_____of Portland or Mrs. C_____. If Mrs. G_____ is still in public work and does not come for Satsang, there is no harm; when she is tired of that she will revert. With love and affection you continue the work.

I am very glad to hear that Mr. P____’s faith is fresh. You may please remember me to him and write to me about him when you find it convenient. I have received one letter from Mr. H_____. I will reply to him shortly. . . .

With blessings from the Father.

Yours affectionately,


[1] This last sentence, a personal reassurance to Dr. and Mrs. Brock, is especially interesting in the light of the fact that the Brocks were among the very very few of Sawan Singh’s initiates who recognized Master Kirpal Singh. See Sat Sandesh, August 1971, p. 18, for Dr. Brock’s comments.