February 5, 1914
Published in Sant Bani Magazine, April 1980

Dear Son and Daughter,

I am greatly pleased that your cousin’s son is interested in our teachings. Please let him investigate thoroughly and help him in every possible way and also inform him of non-use of animal food and liquors by the followers of truth. You may freely discuss to clear your mental conceptions, as it will not deter your onward journey. You must not be anxious for your slow progress as it comes that way. Have patience always and continue to work on determinedly. Obedience to the Holy Father’s commands is the omen for the acquisition of success. The Father is everywhere and cares for his children. You may allow all or any true seekers after Truth to read these books, as it will help them.

Yours affectionately,

P.S. You should keep it in mind that you should not be anxious to scatter these teachings far and wide. If anyone comes to you with love and is a real and honest seeker of Truth, you may allow him to read the books and make him understand all about this faith.

* * *

March 23, 1914

Dear Son and Daughter,

Received both of your letters and pleased to note that you are following the teachings
with keen interest. . . .

As for your instructions to your sick friend to pray to the Merciful (Radha Soami) for help, even this would not be favorable on your personal behalf, as your will-power is brought into action in such cases.

From the viewpoint of a Satsangi you should always bear in mind to determinedly stand off from even the serious cases to witness God’s doings. I do not mean that you should not attend to your sick relatives or friends; no, on the contrary, you should pay your best attention to administer unto them with the fullness of your art; but your inner self should be prepared to agree with Father’s Will.

There is no harm in naming the religion as Radha Soami faith. You should never miss your spiritual exercises, as the more you will faithfully do it, the better results you will find. You need not wait for my permission to allow the books to the true seekers after truth; you may use your own discretion in this matter.

Your experience on the journey at the time of practice is very beautiful. It happens to the devotee now and then and you should not be surprised at its vision. You should pay more attention to the Repetition of the Holy Names and hear the Sound so that you may cross this plane soon. You should remember that such things happen in dream also; you should always try to catch the holy Sound to lead you upward.

In regard to leaving your present location and profession, you should first note that you have to work for your living everywhere you go, as you cannot live without food and other necessities of life. If you want to change your profession, you may consider carefully all about your surrounding conditions and arrange it accordingly, but you should not leave your home and go out of business for the sake of spiritual progress. You can accomplish it by following the instructions at home. The Holy Father is within. Never think to go into the wilderness to find Him. You may attend to your business regularly, repeating the Holy Names while at work, and both morning and evening give as much time to the exercises as possible. In this way you will reach the goal one day. Do not hurry, and never get disappointed. Trust in the mercy of the Supreme Father; He will certainly take care of you.

With best regards for your success.

Yours affectionately,
Sawan Singh

* * *

June 3, 1926

Dear Daughter and Dear Son,

Your letter of March 7 reached here when I was out. The delay in reply was unavoidable. This will not reach you in time for you will have left for the South. I am sending you a copy of this to California and it is possible that you may get it there in time. I am sending it through Mrs. Phillips. There is no time to make any commentary on your note on creation now, I am answering here some of the other questions raised in your letter.

I am glad to learn that you (Doctor) in spite of hard work are keeping fit, and Mrs. Brock has considerably improved in health, and you both are ready to make a short break in your work and go South as well in the Master’s work. I am sure your meeting with the members there will benefit them greatly. Meet them all with such love and affection that even a dry withered heart will take courage and flourish. My message to all is: “Brave is he who has control over his mind and senses, for the inward progress is in proportion to this control. It is the repetition [Simran] that brings the mind in and the Sound Current that pulls it up. Inside us there are inexhaustible treasures. The Lord Himself is within us. Only he who has gone within can appreciate this; others have no idea of it.”

America is rich. The standard of living is high. To earn a decent livelihood, greater effort and more time have to be put in. Consequently there is comparatively less time left free which one can utilize in the training and controlling of the mind. This cannot be helped. The Americans have to make good under these circumstances. But where there is a will, there is a way. Mind is a curious thing. It will gladly do all kinds of work externally without feeling tired; but the moment you put it to the exercises — ask it to sit still inside — it will try to escape by putting in all sorts of excuses, like the need for rest after a hard day’s work, need of rest over a heavy stomach, bad weather, and so forth. But if there were longing behind it, or if there were determination behind it, then the inward progress would proceed uninterrupted. Those who complain of sleep at the time of taking exercises usually sit half-heartedly and only as a matter of routine — not with any longing.

When you meet Mr. Herron next, you may tell him that during his work hours he should keep his attention directed towards the eye-focus. Work needs attention only momentarily; most of the time the mind is off the work. This utilization of the attention will not interfere with his work. On the other hand, work will proceed better.

Riches or poverty depends on the absence or presence of desires respectively. He who has no desires is the richest, and the so-called richest is the poorest if his desires are not fulfilled. He who does not need anything is a Sovereign.

I am glad to learn that Mrs. Brock has finished her story, and the whole thing is ready for publication. Dear daughter, you will understand now why I dissuaded you then from writing stories. Now you know what concentration is. You have some control over your mind, and you can follow its movements. I will lay down as a general proposition that you may do anything you like provided it does not interfere with your concentration. I give you now full permission to write stories or do oil painting or any other vocation that you like, provided that it does not scatter your mind. If you had continued writing for publication then, it would have materially interfered with your concentration. Literary pursuit usually scatters the mind. You may do whatever you like but keep a watch over your mind. Anything that does not scatter it is good.

As to why your health has been indifferent, it is all due to Karma, but not necessarily of this life or the past one. No attempt should therefore be made to connect it with this or that commission or omission. You are perfectly right when you say that “The thing for us to do is to get to the Light ourselves as fast as possible.” Whatever effort a devotee makes to reach the goal is his service to his Master. At initiation the Master took upon himself the responsibility of seeing the devotee established in Sach Khand, he region of pure bliss. If the devotee does his best, he lightens the task of the Master. Even if the devotee leaves the Guru for one reason or another, the Guru does not leave him. He will bring him round sooner or later, this life or the next.

I am glad to learn that Mrs. Howard is on the Path with faith and finds answers to her questions in my letters to you. She is free to write to me whenever she likes. Doctor says that the tireless patience with which questions are answered fills one with wonder and gratitude. In this, my dear son, I am not doing any obligation to any one. It is my duty pure and simple.

With Father’s blessings on all of you,

Yours affectionately,