July 17, 1916

Published in Sant Bani Magazine, November 1978

July 17, 1916

Dear Daughter,

May your love and trust for the Master’s feet increase every day and may you perform your devotion with sincere belief and hearty zeal. Your letter full of love and faith gave me much pleasure.

Let not disease dishearten you. Troubles are the token of Holy Master’s grace and the result of our own past actions. Try to bear them cheerfully and gratefully as a sign of His special mercy and continue the devotion as far as possible. Under the circumstances, it is the duty of the true seeker after truth not to care for the changing scenes of Para Kirti (matter or maya) nor to show any anxiety. Pain and pleasure, honor and dishonor, poverty and riches do not affect the attitude of his mind. He does not pray that adverse circumstances should be removed, but his heart is always filled with love and gratitude, as Guru Nanak says:

If you send me hunger, I shall be filled with thy Name.

If you send miseries, I shall enjoy them as pleasures.

If you send me happiness, I shall try to propitiate thee.

In sorrows, I shall praise Thee.

Although the above applies to the state of mind of a perfect disciple, yet you should try your best to attain it, and I am glad that you are laboring for it. Some people who are not fully acquainted with the principles of Satsang and are fond of keeping up external appearances complain that though a long time has passed since they were initiated, yet they have had no spiritual vision nor have they gained any spiritual power. Their

grievance is unjust because how can these people who do not labor on the exercises and who neither control their mind and senses nor obey Satguru’s command expect to get this exalted state, which is the result of long and continuous labor? Mind is the most powerful, clever and cunning enemy, and to release the spirit from its bondage, it is necessary to break attachment from the alluring material objects, which are not ours and have been evolved by matter or maya.

For instance, this physical body of ours is made up of five tatwas (elements); then why should we day and night be engaged in decorating it and fattening it, neglecting the spirit and the Sound Current? The reason is that our mind has been accustomed to do this from numerous incarnations and even now when the Master has graciously revealed to us the secret of the Holy Name and the Sound Practice, it is reluctant to give up worldly enjoyments and turn inward. Now be on your guard against its deceits and do not listen to its dictates but always try to bring it under the rule of the Master. The more you will look after it, the more you will gain in internal progress. Thank God, that while living in a materialistic country like America, you have been granted this priceless boon and the Master is always properly taking care of you. Do your work without personal attachment, knowing you do it for the Master. Carry on your devotion quietly, thinking yourself the lowliest and the most astray. In this way you will become the object of His further grace soon, and the hidden mysteries of creation will of themselves be revealed to you by and by.

It is Master’s grace that He has made you the means of adding a new soul to His fold. You have mentioned in your letter that Mrs. Bridgman cannot take the position for certain reasons and that you have instructed her to adopt some other suitable posture. It is all right as the posture is not always insisted upon. Since the spiritual exercises must be performed in some sitting posture, this particular posture is preferred in the teachings of the Saints because it allows the downward and outward spirit current to flow with comparative ease toward the focus of the eyes. There is nothing more in it. If she cannot take this position, it does not matter. She can go on with the posture suggested by you, if she finds it comfortable, the object being repetition, contemplation, and listening to the Holy Sound. The deficiency in posture can be made up by perfect trust and love for the Master’s feet. Please try to assist her occasionally through letters.

With best wishes for yourself and doctor.

Yours Affectionately,