January 1, 1911

Published in Sant Bani Magazine, May 2000

Editor’s note:This letter was written to the disciple who, while visiting in America, conveyed the Initiation Instructions to Sawan Singh’s first Western initiates, Dr. and Mrs. Brock. It is difficult for us to appreciate what an innovation it was for a Master to authorize a representative to initiate for Him in distant lands; as far as is known, it had never been done until Sawan Singh did it in 1911.

January 1, 1911

My Dear Kehr Singh: Received your note and that of Dr. and Mrs. Brock. I am very glad to learn from their letters that they are sincerely anxious for truth. They seem to be trying to pick up your vernacular; that is most necessary because all our scriptures are written either in Hindi or Punjabi and unless they have a good knowledge of these languages they cannot expect to get any benefit from our books because, besides the volume already sent to you,” there are no more English compositions throwing light upon our faith that can be sent to them. Moreover, their visit to India will be a useless waste of time and money if they are unable to understand our language.

But they must not despair. It is not absolutely necessary for getting truth that they should come to India. The Master is everywhere and can give them the truth even in America if they have an earnest and burning desire to get it, because the Master is always ready to open the door if we knock with sincerity and true earnest love. They should persevere in their abstinence from meat and drink, as without that nothing can be done; their social environments must have made their abstinence very difFicult but the reward is worth any trouble.

It can be arranged if they are very anxious that our method of practice should be made known to them through Sant Singh or you so that they may work upon it until they come to India. Meanwhile they should pray in their hearts daily that the truth may be granted to them. The Master is always ready to grant our prayers. He is not far distant but He lives within ourselves. If for a time, He disregards them, it is because He wants to kindle our thirst by keeping us waiting. It is our duty to persist in our search without despair and there shall come a day when we shall meet with success. What is got after earnest pursuit is highly prized. Let our love for the Master’s feet be daily stronger and stronger: love has the power of drawing the beloved toward itself if it is strong enough.

They should not mind that they are not permitted to come over to India; it is very expensive and, as these expenses are to be incurred in search of truth, the Master will arrange that their income may daily increase so that they may easily meet these expenses.

To sum up, they should (1) acquire our language, (2) avoid meat and drink and above all (3) increase their thirst for truth.

Yours affectionately,

Sawan Singh