September 2, 1965

Published in Sant Bani Magazine, December 1977

EDITOR’S NOTE: AS an addenda to Master Kirpal Singh’s writings on diet, we are including here the relevant excerpts from the four letters written by Him specifically on the macrobiotic diet, and published during His lifetime. They are published chronologically; the first excerpt was written to me personally and is from His letter to me of Sept. 2, 1965. The other three are taken from the collection of letters published by the New York Satsang in installments during the late 1960’s. All four excerpts were widely distributed during the Master’s lifetime, and the last two were published in Sat Sandesh, August 1970, pp. 25-26.

1. I would reiterate that according to the latest research of Natural foods, the intake of fresh air and water are most helpful for maintaining a sound physique, as also fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, bread, milk, cheese and other dairy products are greatly helping. The only prohibition is for the use of meat, fish, fowl, eggs both fertile or infertile, and alcoholic intoxicants, should be followed scrupulously. Nothing less and nothing more. You are requested to convey this piece of right understanding to all the members of your group carefully.

2. I am happy that you have furnished complete details of the constituents of the Satvic Macrobiotic Diet. I observe that it is a very useful diet, not only nourishing, but conducive to spiritual progress.

3. The Masters have always stressed that food is for man and not man for food. They have therefore advised that pure foods, such as vegetables, fruits, grains and permitted dairy products such as milk, butter and cheese be eaten in order to provide sustenance to the body. As you mentioned, the body being the temple of the spirit, must be correctly maintained if the spirit is to manifest itself in one’s lifetime.

I do not advocate the macrobiotic diet that is apparently being followed by some of the initiates and advise all those who are presently following this diet to eat in moderation a balanced diet consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products as referred to above.

The best thing would be to follow the diet (vegetarian) which suits one.

If the animals are permitted to eat fruit, at least man, who is the Roof and Crown of all Creation, should also be permitted to eat it.

Initiates should be guided by the Teachings of the Master only in all phases of life, whether material or spiritual. To allow other concepts to creep in is to sully the Teachings and confuse the initiates.

If you believe that it will help others to a correct understanding of the relation of diet to the Path, you have my permission to publish this letter for general distribution.

4. I have not discouraged those initiates who have written to me saying that they find the macrobiotic diet congenial to them. However, I never advocate extremes, and the use of the macrobiotic diet appears to be extreme in its nature. Nectar of one man may be poison to the other. It depends on various temperaments. One should not impose his ideas on other people.

* * *