February 6, 1968

Published in Sant Bani Magazine, February 1978

Dear Ones: I send you one and all my best wishes for your spiritual welfare on this day (February 6) of my entering into the 75th year of my earthly sojourn.

You have got the man-body, which is the highest in all creation. The source of all bliss -the Water of Life — Naam — is overflowing within you, for which you have to tap inside to have an everlasting life. You have joined the various religions to achieve this divine purpose. You are social beings and as such you need some social religion to work through to help your own self as well as to be of help to others. A man is one who does not live for himself only but lives for others as well. You should rise above their limits which serve as a casing of the kernel within, to taste the Water of Life overflowing within you with the grace of a Master, who is Word made flesh and dwells amongst us. The casing should not be too tight to affect the kernel, the divinity within you. The religions need reformation in lifting them from the outer forms and conventionalism to the purpose for which they stand.

You are men first, then bear the outer labels of one or the other religion — so as man we are all one. We are embodied souls — conscious entities — drops of the Ocean of all Consciousness, and as such we are all brothers and sisters in God and the same God is overhead. This unity already exists but we forget. Masters come from time to time to remind us of this very unity. We should rise above conventions, creeds and castes and love and serve all the poor and the distressed, as divinity shines in all of them alike.

God is Love and love is innate in our souls. The way back to God is also through love — love should rule all our actions. We should lay emphasis on the Direct Vision instead of ceremonialism and books. God is closest to our souls and controls us in the bodies, as well as controlling all creation under His Will.

The Master does not advise you to leave your hearths and homes and live a secluded life, but while living in the world performing normal duties of life, remain detached by contacting the divine in you. By this is meant to know the divine Word — Naam — reverberating in all creation.

In the attunement to Naam — the Word of God — lies the cure of all ills of suffering humanity. This Naam will manifest in the hearts which are pure. We should therefore be pure in thought, word and deed to realize the Truth. “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” Let us turn our hearts to Him. The life’s richest treasure of Naam is within you-simply hearken to what the Master says. He can unlock the door to find it.

My Master loved to speak of himself as “servant of the servants” and spent all his life in service of humanity. We should shun the glamour of “greatness” and live the new life of service and sacrifice for the good of all and send out best wishes of peace to all the world over. We may not have big plans or programs. It will be enough if we start with ourselves in the environments around us and dedicate our lives to this service of love, which will spread the Master’s message far and wide and develop a new life of hope for man at large.

I see the world is oppressed by conflicts of creeds and parties, and dark clouds are hovering all around us. I pray God like Guru Nanak: “The world is aflame; save them by Thy Grace, O Lord, whichever way they may be saved.”

Let us lead a simple life, which should reveal the divinity within us in all our actions.

With all love to each one of you,

Yours affectionately,

Kirpal Singh

February 6, 1968

* * *