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Sanbornton, NH

Sant Bani Satsangs

Sant Bani – June 5, 2022

    Opening bhajan: Dekha Hai Jab Se p. 5 Readings: 1. Circular Letter: Meditation and Spiritual Progress, Feb 20, 1971; 2. Spiritual Gems, p. 174-177; 3. In The Palace of Love: The Bond That Holds Us Together p. 173-178 Tape:  Kirpal Singh: Love Part 2 Closing...

Sant Bani – May 29, 2022

    Opening bhajan: Mana Re Teri p. 140 Readings: 1. "Protector and Protection", Master Kirpal talk on bani of Guru Ramdas. Printed in the Sept. 1970 Sat Sandesh 2. "The Defeat of the Mind", Sant Ji darshan Oct. 2, 1982. Printed in Dec. 1982 Sant Bani Magazine. Tape: ...

Sant Bani – May 22, 2022

    Opening bhajan: Aa Gye Dar Te Bhikari p. 132  Readings: In The Palace of Love: Respecting Our Own Self p. 127-138 Tape: Sant Ajaib Singh - December 12, 1996 Closing bhajan: Sawan Shah Aaya p. 240 Recent Sant Bani Satsangs Recent Sebastopol Satsangs    

Sant Bani – May 15, 2022

    Information coming soon,... Opening bhajan:  Readings: Tape:  Closing bhajan:  Recent Sant Bani Satsangs Recent Sebastopol Satsangs    

Sant Bani – May 8, 2022

    Opening bhajan: Mere Data Ji p.187 Readings: In The Palace of Love: The Creeping of the Ego p. 62-69 Tape:  Sant Ji at SKA, March 1996 #3 Closing bhajan: Satguru Pyare Meri p. 27 Recent Sant Bani Satsangs Recent Sebastopol Satsangs    

Sebastopol Satsangs

Sebastopol – May 1, 2022

Sebastopol Satsang Russell Bhajan: Janva Balehar Ji Me, pg 145 Readings: Letter #20, Sawan Singh, Spiritual Gems, pg 518 Tape: Man Know Thyself, Kirpal Singh Bhajan: Menu Tere Bina Kise Di Na Lor, pg 199 Recent Satsangs Recent Sebastopol Satsangs

Sebastopol – April 10, 2022

Sebastopol Satsang Don Bhajan: Mere Data Ji Suno Benati, pg 187 Readings: Readings from Spiritual Elixir: Chp 13, pg 257, 136, 276, 130, 11, 13  The Stairway Of Simran, Chp 33. The Ambrosial Hour, pg 186 Tape: The Prayer of Ajaib, Feb 1, 1983 - Rajasthan Bhajan: Eh...

Sebastopol – April 3, 2022

Sebastopol Satsang Russell Bhajan: Likh Chitthiya Sawan Nu, pg 251 Readings: Jan 23, 1964, Kirpal Singh Ji, Stumbling Toward God, pg 183 Circular Letter, April 2, 1967, Kirpal Singh, Stumbling Toward God, pg 518 Tape: An Uncivilized Child (tape) Ajaib Singh, A&K...

Sebastopol – March 27, 2022

Sebastopol Satsang Don Bhajan: Dikhade, Dikhade, Dikhade Data Ji, pg 234 Readings: First See, Then Say, The Light of Kirpal, Chp 38, pg 212 Rise Above Consciousness of this World, The Light of Kirpal, Chp 39, pg 218 Make a Habit of Meditating, Sant Ji, The Ambrosial...

Sebastopol – March 20, 2022

Sebastopol Satsang Russell Bhajan: Guru, Guru, Guru, Guru, pg 256 Readings: Jan 23, 1964 - Kirpal Singh Ji, Stumbling Toward God, pg 183 Tape: The True Connection with Naam. Ajaib Singh, Bombay, Jan 12, 1991 Bhajan: Aae Ji Tere Dar Te Bhikhari, pg 215 Recent Satsangs...

* The asterisk on Sant Bani’s list refers to Russell Perkins conducting Satsang.



Generally the Satsangs are posted by the end of the day each Sunday. But at times there are unavoidable delays, even several days at times. We have set up an email list, so we can inform you that the Satsang is ready. That way you won’t need to check and wonder, just wait for an email. If you want your name added to that list, please send your email address to: [email protected]