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Sant Bani Satsangs

Sant Bani – October 29, 2023

  Opening bhajan: Naam Guru Da Japle - P. 118 Readings: 1. Stumbling Toward God / The Years With Ajaib by Russell Perkins, pg. 151 - 156 2. "Continue On With Love", letter of Baba Sawan Singh, Sept. 19, 1920. Printed in November 1990 Sant Bani Magazine. Tape: "To Find...

Sant Bani – October 22, 2023

  Opening bhajan: Sun Sikha Sikhi Vale - Pg. 109 Readings: 1. "Keep the Simran Always in Your Mind", Baba Jaimal Singh, letter to Sawan Singh, April 1991 Sant Bani Magazine 2. "The Mission of My Life", Master Kirpal's 1959 Birthday Message, August 1981 SAT SANDESH...

Sant Bani – October 15, 2023

  Opening bhajan: Sawan Kabhi Aao - Pg. 277 Readings: 1. Letter of Baba Sawan Singh to Kirpal Singh, dated June 11, 1939, printed in the July 1974 SAT SANDESH Magazine 2. Stumbling Toward God / The Years With Ajaib by Russell Perkins, pg. 134 - 143 Tape: "Attack the...

Sant Bani – October 8, 2023

Today's Satsang was not recorded. Here is the video it was played of Master Kirpal from January 26, 1964 titled, Love & Intoxication. It is a very clear talk and there are subtitles in English and in Spanish to follow along. Recent Sant Bani Satsangs Recent...

Sant Bani – October 1, 2023

  Opening bhajan: Mere Vich Na Guru Ji  p.53 Readings: 1. The Coming Spiritual Revolution p. 8 to end Tape: January 29, 1983 Closing bhajan: Bhuli Na Guru De-p221 Recent Sant Bani Satsangs Recent Sebastopol Satsangs    

Sebastopol Satsangs

Sebastopol – October 29, 2023

  Don Bhajan: Satguru Sache Mere Data, pg 43 Readings:  On Astral Dieties, Q&A, October 31, 1990. Ajaib Singh, 16PS, Video 453 Crossing The Ocean, May 11, 1984, Sanbornton, NH, Ajaib Singh SB Mar 1985, pg 3 The Means of Receiving Grace, Oct 30, 1985, 16 PS, Ajaib...

Sebastopol – October 22, 2023

  Peter Bhajan: Satguru Pyare Meri, pg 27 Readings:  1. The Most Superior Mantra, 9/30/88, Ajaib Singh, Sant Bani Mag Nov 89, pg 3 2. Unraveling the Knots of Karma, 5/10/28, Sawan Singh. Sant Bani Mag April 90, p13 3. Meditation talk from Ghana, 1989 Tape: The Swan...

Sebastopol – October 15, 2023

  Russell Bhajan: Chalo Man Satguru Ke Darbar, pg 250 Readings:  1. Don’t Bend Your Elbows. Stumbling Toward God: The Years with Kirpal, pg 382 Tape: The Path of Lovers. May 8, 1984, Sanbornton, Ajaib Singh Bhajan: Dekha Hai Jab Se Hamne, pg 5 Recent Sant Bani...

Sebastopol – October 8, 2023

  Peter Bhajan: Teri Hardam Yad, pg 44 Readings:  1. My Lord Kirpal Cut all the Chains, SB Oct 1995, pg 3 2. Message for the Birthday of Master Kirpal, SB Feb 1997, pg 18 3. How Could I Not Recognize Him, SB Apr/May 97, pg 3 Bhajan: Bakhsho Bakhshanhar Piya Ji, pg 184...

Sebastopol – October 2, 2023

  Russell Readings:  1. The Essence of Religion, pg 285. Stumbling Toward God, The Years with Kirpal Recent Sant Bani Satsangs Recent Sebastopol Satsangs    

* The asterisk on Sant Bani’s list refers to Russell Perkins conducting Satsang.



Generally the Satsangs are posted by the end of the day each Sunday. But at times there are unavoidable delays, even several days at times. We have set up an email list, so we can inform you that the Satsang is ready. That way you won’t need to check and wonder, just wait for an email. If you want your name added to that list, please send your email address to: [email protected]