Sebastopol Satsang

November 27, 2022

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Bhajan: Aj Shub Diharada E, p 32


Give Thanks to God, Thanksgiving Day 1972, Anaheim California. Master Kirpal,                                                  Sat Sandesh Magazine November 1973

Christmas Message, Dec 13, 1993, Ajaib Singh, Sant Bani Magazine Dec 1993

The Best Solitude is Within, Feb 24, 1974 Manav Kendra. Sant Bani Magazine Sept 1993


Only in the Human Body, June 21, 1955 Washington, DC. Kirpal Singh


Bhajan: Jap Naam Guru Da Oe, pg 100

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  Opening bhajan: Ek Dardmand Dil Ki Haalat Tumhe Bataen - Pg. 274 Readings: 1. Master Kirpal's 1961 Birthday Message 2. Stumbling Toward God / The Years With Ajaib, Russell Perkins's new book. p. 21 - 28 Tape: "Chastity", final satsang in the series of Sant Ji’s...

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  Peter Bhajan: Guru, Guru  p 256 Readings: New Year’s Message, Feb 1977.  Ajaib Singh Excerpts from The Light of Kirpal. Permanent Happiness, pg 229. Death and Protection, p245 Tape: The Name is Nameless. May 16, 1989, Ghana, Africa. Ajaib Singh Bhajan: Teri Hardam...

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  Russell Bhajan: Chora Tera Ghar Lutya,pg 102 Readings: Saturday, January 25, 1964, Stumbling Toward God, The Years with Kirpal, pg 211 Tape: On Pralabdha Karma, Dec 25, 1988, Rajasthan, Ajaib Singh Bhajan: Jivan Safal Banale Bande, pg 263 Recent Sant Bani Satsangs...

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  Don Bhajan: Deja Sahara Kirpal Pyare, p 47 Readings: Rise Above Consciousness of This World. The Light of Kirpal, chp 39 What We Should Ask of the Master. Sant Bani Magazine, March 1990, pg 8 Only the Fortunate Ones Obey. Sant Bani Magazine, April/May 2001, pg 46...