May 14, 2023

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Bhajan: Kirpal Yah Sandesh Deta, pg 203


1. He Knew About Me Sant Bani, April, 1981.

2. The Effect of the Grace of the Master Ajaib Singh, Sant Bani, July 1990

3. On Parents and Children, Ajab Singh, Sant Bani, Sept 1987

4. January 4 & 5 of Diary Book

5. Circular Letter #1; Outer Aspects of Life

Tape: The True Arthi, June 8, 1992, Potter Valley, Ajaib Singh

Bhajan: Satguru Pyare Meri, pg 27

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Sant Bani – September 24, 2023

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Sant Bani – September 17, 2023

  Opening bhajan: Aaja, Aaja, Aaja Mere Kirpal Ji - Pg 85 Readings: 1. "The Masters Never Leave", Sant Ji satsang in Rajasthan, December 4, 1980, printed in the June 1982 Sant Bani Magazine. 2. "Change Your Habits Now", Kirpal discourse #10 in The Night Is a Jungle....

Sant Bani – September 10, 2023

  Opening bhajan: Hamare Pyare Satguru Jaisa - Pg. 261 Readings: 1. "The Fight of the Truth-Seeker", a poem of Kabir, printed in the March 1991 Sant Bani Magazine. 2. "Concentration of Mind", Underground Room talk, October 31, 1987, printed in the March 1988 Sant Bani...

Sebastopol – September 24, 2023

  Peter Bhajan: Guru Bina Kaun, pg 176 Readings:  1. To Obey the Orders of the Master. Sept 1993 Sant Bani, pg 25 2. Master has Determined to Take the Disciples Back. Oct 1993 Sant Bani, pg 23 Tape: The Ocean of Peace. Dec 24, 1983, Rajasthan, Ajaib Singh Bhajan:...

Sebastopol – September 17, 2023

  Russell Bhajan: Dekhi Bahot Nirali, pg 128 Readings:  The Coming of Kirpal, pg 113 and 131. Stumbling Toward God: The Years with Kirpal Tape: The Prayer of Ajaib. Feb 2, 1983, Rajasthan, Ajaib Singh Bhajan: Banda Banke Aaya, pg 34 Recent Sant Bani Satsangs Recent...

Sebastopol – September 10, 2023

  Russell Readings:  Stumbling Toward God: The Years with Ajaib The Message of Love Bhajan: Mera Kagaj Gunah Vala, pg 70 Recent Sant Bani Satsangs Recent Sebastopol Satsangs