February 12, 2023

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Bhajan: Tapde Hirde, p 41


Excerpts from The Jap Ji, Comments by Master Kirpal


Sant Ajaib Singh. The Inner Ascent. May 11, 1984, Sanbornton, NH. 


Bhajan: Duniya De Vich Ruhan Te, pg 199

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Sant Bani – June 9, 2024

  Meditation talk preceding the group meditation at 10 am Satsang Opening bhajan: Aaja, Aaja, Aaja Mere Kirpal Ji - Pg. 85 Readings: 1. Stumbling Toward God / The Years With Ajaib by Russell Perkins, pg. 247 - 252 2. "In the Range of the Magnet", Sant Ji darshan Sept....

Sant Bani – June 2, 2024

  Opening bhajan: Banake Ruha Da Vapari p. 20 Readings: 1. Spiritual Gems, p.232, Letter No. 148. (Sawan Singh) 2. Santji's Story about the dog that was shot 3. The Light of Kirpal, p. 189-191 Tape: Sant Ajaib Singh - July 27, 1990 at Sant Bani Ashram, Sanbornton, NH...

Sant Bani – May 26, 2024

  Opening bhajan: Sat Sangat Jag Sar Sadho - Pg. 178 Readings: 1. Stumbling Toward God / The Years With Ajaib by Russell Perkins, pg. 244 - 247 2. "The Constant Flow of Grace", Sant Ji darshan Sept. 26, 1982, printed in the Oct. 1982 Sant Bani Magazine Tape: "Only...

Sebastopol – June 9, 2024

  Peter Bhajan: Darshan Dekh Jivan Guru Tera, pg175 Readings: An Obedient Child Pleases the Father, Ajaib Singh, Sant Bani Magazine Nov 1996, pg 23 No More Time to Sleep, Ajaib Singh, Sant Bani Magazine Apr/May 1997, pg 13 Tape: The Spark Of Love. Feb 3, 1990 16PS,...

Sebastopol – June 2, 2024

  Russell Bhajan: Je Paras Hona E Jindariye, pg 151 Readings: Circular Letter, June 6, 1967, pg 520; Twelve Days of Wonder, pg 162. Stumbling Towards God: The Years with Kirpal Tape: The Divine Order. Feb 2, 1990, Rajasthan, Ajaib Singh Bhajan: Tumse Tumse Meri Prit...

Sebastopol – May 26, 2024

  Peter Bhajan: Ji Satguru Pyare, pg174 Readings: Come to Your Senses, Ajaib Singh, Sant Bani Magazine, June 1994, pg 16 This World is not Your Home, Kirpal Singh Sat Sandesh Magazine, January 1974, pg 6 Tape: On Lessening Master’s Burden. January 3 1990, Rajasthan,...