Beyond Hell and Heaven”, Q&A with Sant Ji at 16PS, Dec. 30, 1984, printed in the May 1985 Sant Bani Magazine.

“The Power of Purity”, Q&A with Sant Ji at 16PS, March 28, 1984, printed in the July 1984 Sant Bani Magazine.

“Darshan With the Master” a talk by Charleen Girourd, reprinted from the Satsang Newsletter put out by Kirpal Ashram in Surrey, BC.  Printed in the August 1993 Sant Bani Magazine.

“Protector and Protection”, Master Kirpal discourse in The Night Is a Jungle.


Sant Ji Q&A in Rajasthan,  Group 7, March 29, 1989 

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Sant Bani – December 5, 2021

    Opening bhajan: Nahi Labna Manas, p. 91  Readings: (1) Sat Sandesh, Oct '74, p 12-14; (2) Sat Sandesh, Nov '70, p. 16-19; (3) The Two Ways, p. 71-76 Tape: March 21, 1996 - SKA Closing bhajan: Mera Kagaj Gunah, p 70 Recent Sant Bani Satsangs Recent Sebastopol...

Sant Bani – November 28, 2021

    Opening bhajan: Bande Diya Aasa - Pg. 101 Readings: “The Great Secret”, Sant Ji satsang at 16PS, April 2, 1987, on bani of Swami Ji.  Printed in the August 1987 Sant Bani Magazine. “Honor Your Present Lifetime”, a letter of Baba Sawan Singh dated July 21, 1913,...

Sant Bani – November 21, 2021

    Opening bhajan: Bande Diya Aasa - Pg. 101 Readings: “The Yoga of the Attention”, Master Kirpal’s talk at the Unitarian Church in Franklin, NH, October 11, 1963, the day of the founding of Sant Bani Ashram.  Printed in the  October 1978 Sant Bani Magazine.  “The...

Sebastopol – December 5, 2021

Sebastopol Satsang Russell Perkins Bhajan: Kara Siphat Ki, pg 243 Readings: 1964 Christmas Message, Master Kirpal, Spiritual Elixir, pg 355 Third Receptivity Circular, Jan 27, 1970. The Way of the Saints, pg 386 Change Your Habits Now, Sat Sandesh, Feb 1971, pg 3 The...

Sebastopol – November 21, 2021

Sebastopol Satsang Russell Perkins Bhajan: Ruha Sadiya Nu Par Langa, pg 112 Readings: Give Thanks to God, Master Kirpal. Thanksgiving Day 1972, Sat Sandesh, November 1973, pg 22 With the Incarnation of Love, Sat Sandesh, October 1973, pg 16 Tape: The Riches of...

Sebastopol – November 14, 2021

Sebastopol Satsang Don Macken Bhajan: Chalo Man Satguru Ke Darbar, pg 250 Readings: To Become the Form of Love, Sant Ajaib Singh Ji.  Feb 2001, Sant Bani Magazine Prayer, The Teachings of Kirpal Singh, Volume I, pg 47 The Great Secret, Sant Ajaib Singh Ji, August 1987...