September 11, 2022

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Opening bhajan: Kirpal Yahi Sandesh Deta – Pg. 203


1. “The Psychology of Mysticism”, Master Kirpal’s Circular 17, printed in The Way of the Saints.

2. “The Story of the Lover”, Sant Ji satsang at 16PS, Sept. 28, 1982, on bani of Swami Ji, printed in the Nov. 1982 Sant Bani Magazine.

3. “The Fight of the Truth-Seeker”, poem of Kabir, printed in the March 1985 Sant Bani Magazine.


“Those Who Have No Enmity”, 6th satsang in the series of Sant Ji’s commentaries on the Gauri Vars of Guru Ramdas, at Sant Bani Ashram New Hampshire, July 9, 1980. Printed in the July 1983 Sant Bani Magazine.

Closing bhajan: Satguru Ke Guna Ga Le – Pg. 6

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Sant Bani – September 25, 2022

    Opening bhajan: Sas Sas Simro Gobind - Pg. 163 Readings: 1. "The Defeat of the Mind", Sant Ji darshan at 16PS, Oct. 2, 1982, printed in the December 1982 Sant Bani Magazine. 2. "What is True Living", Master Kirpal satsang in Bace's Hall, Hollywood,...

Sant Bani – September 4, 2022

    Opening bhajan: Je Paras Hona E Jindariye - Pg. 151 Readings: 1. "Our Ultimate Good", letter of Baba Sawan Singh to Mrs. Brock, April 27, 1921. Printed in the Jan. 1983 Sant Bani Magazine. 2. "The Story of the Lover", Sant Ji satsang at 16PS, Sept. 28, 1982, on...

Sebastopol – September 11, 2022

Sebastopol Satsang Russell Bhajan: Char Padarath, p 156 Readings: The Higher Calling of Our Lord & Only Devotion and Love. Stumbling Towards God, The Years with Ajaib (book due to be released Mid-Nov 2022). Tape: No tape Bhajan: Eh Te Desh Paraya Oe Sajana, pg 198...

Sebastopol – September 4, 2022

Sebastopol Satsang Russell Bhajan:  Tusi Araj Suno Kirpal Guru, p93 Readings: The Coming of Kirpal, pg 86. Stumbling Towards God, The Years with Kirpal Tape: To Control the Mind, July 31, 1980, Glenwood Springs, CO. Ajaib Singh Bhajan: Eh Te Desh Paraya Oe Sajana, pg...

Sebastopol – August 21, 2022

Sebastopol Satsang Russell Bhajan: Ruh Malik To Hui Dur, pg 193 Readings: With the Merciful Lion, pg 367, Stumbling Towards God, The Years with Kirpal Tape: Morning Talk – What is True Love, Oct 25, 1967, Kirpal Singh Bhajan: Kara Siphat Ki, pg 243 Recent Satsangs...