Sant Bani Satsang


Finish “In the Bushes of Rajasthan”, Sant Ji satsang at Bogota, Colombia June 23, 1983.  Printed in the August 1983 Sant Bani Magazine. 

Finish “The Path According to St. John”, discourse of Master Kirpal at Harmony Grove, Escondido, California, December 13, 1963.  Printed in the December 1983 Sant Bani Magazine.

Begin “The Initiate’s Way of Life”, a talk given by Master Kirpal in 1955 in response to a question from a disciple in a darshan session.  Printed in the August 1982 Sant Bani Magazine.

A poem of Kabir, number XXVII in 100 Poems of Kabir, collected and translated by Rabindranath Tagore.



Continue: “The Manmukh and the Gurumukh”, Sant Ji satsang July 11, 1980 at Sant Bani Ashram in New Hampshire, on a bani of Guru Ram Das.

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Sant Bani – December 8, 2019

    Readings:   “The Love Dust of the Sadhu”, Sant Ji satsang on February 27, 1980 in Rajasthan, on Guru Arjan’s Sukhmani.  Printed in the December 1983 Sant Bani Magazine.   “I Am Thine, Thou Art Not Mine”, satsang of Master Kirpal, printed in the August...

Sant Bani – December 1, 2019

    Readings: Spiritual Gems, Letters 135 - 141 “Let Us Reform Ourselves”,  a discourse of Master Kirpal in The Night is a Jungle Tape: Sant Ji’s greeting talk at the beginning of his visit to Shamaz Retreat, August 18, 1980        Recent Sant Bani...

Sant Bani – November 24, 2019

Sant Bani Satsang     Readings: “The Psychology of Mysticism”, Master Kirpal’s Circular 17, issued August 1961.  Printed in The Way of the Saints. “Use the Shield of the Master”, Underground Room talk on February 5, 1983.  Printed in the March/April 2000 Sant Bani...

Sebastopol – November 24, 2019

Sebastopol Satsang Bhajan 1: Ruh Malik To Hui Dur, pg 193 Readings: Morning Talk 20: How to Develop Devotion and the Importance of Keeping the Diarie,Master Kirpal Singh, pg 116 How to Develop Receptivity II November 5, 1969, page 379 The Way of the Saints Tape: ...

Sebastopol – November 17, 2019

Sebastopol Satsang Bhajan 1:Guru, Guru, Guru, Guru, pg 256 Readings: Morning Talk 18:How to do our Bhakti, Master Kirpal Singh, pg 110 How to Develop Receptivity June 13, 1969, page 375 The Way of the Saints Tape:  Bhajan 2: Mera Kagaj Gunah Vala, pg 70  Recent...

Sebastopol – November 3, 2019

Sebastopol Satsang Bhajan 1: Uth Jag Musaphir Bhor Bhai, pg 144 Readings: Morning Talk 18:Why We Worship The Godman, Master Kirpal Singh, pg 104 Reflections, page 449 of Stumbling The 1967 Circular Letters, November 11, 1967, pg 529The Coming of Kirpal, Stumbling...

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