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Finish “The Yoga of the Attention”, a talk of Master Kirpal at the Unitarian Church in Franklin NH, October 11, 1963, the day of His first visit to Sant Bani Ashram in New Hampshire.  Printed in the October 1978 Sant Bani Magazine.

Finish “The Initiate’s Way of Life”, a talk given by Master Kirpal in 1955 in response to a question from a disciple in a darshan session.  Printed in the August 1982 Sant Bani Magazine.

A poem of Kabir, number XXXIV in 100 Poems of Kabir, collected and translated by Rabindranath Tagore.


Continue: “The Manmukh and the Gurumukh”, Sant Ji satsang July 11, 1980 at Sant Bani Ashram in New Hampshire, on a bani of Guru Ram Das.

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Sant Bani – January 12, 2020

    Readings:   Finish “When the Soul Cries for God”, Q&A with Sant Ji, at 16PS, September 30, 1984.  Printed in the December 1984 Sant Bani Magazine. “The Real Form of the Guru”, a letter of Baba Sawan Singh to Mrs. Brock, his disciple and representative in...

Sant Bani – January 5, 2020

    Readings: Master Kirpal’s Message for Christmas and New Year 1972.  Printed in the January 1973 SAT SANDESH Magazine “Glimpses of the Power of Hazur”, selections from Pita Put (Father and Son) by C.H. Chadda, a book of reminiscenses of Baba Sawan Singh.  Printed...

Sant Bani – December 29, 2019

    Readings:       Sant Ji’s Christmas and New Year Message 1984.  Printed in the January 1985 Sant Bani Magazine   “The Word Made Flesh”, Master Kirpal talk on Christmas Day 1969.  Printed in the December 1984 Sant Bani Magazine.   “On the...

Sebastopol – January 5, 2020

Sebastopol Satsang Bhajan: Guru, Guru, Guru, Guru, pg 256 New Year's Retreat Readings: 1966 Christmas MessageKirpal Singh, Spiritual Elixir, pg 362 Morning Talk 23:How Devotion to God Bears Fruit Master Kirpal Singh, pg 138 1990 Christmas MessageAjaib Singh, December...

Sebastopol – January 1, 2020

Sebastopol Satsang New Year's Retreat Readings: The Coming of Kirpal, page 85 fromStumbling Toward God; The Years with Kirpal Circular Letter #4, Kirpal Singh  Recent Satsangs Recent Sebastopol Satsangs Sant Bani Ashram30 Ashram RoadSanbornton, NH 03269 (603)...

Sebastopol – December 29, 2019

Sebastopol Satsang Bhajan 1: Sawan Sawan Duniya Kehendi, pg 252 (not recorded) Readings: 1989 Christmas MessageAjaib Singh, January 1990 Sant Bani, pg 3 1961 Christmas MessageKirpal Singh, Spiritual Elixir, pg 341 Morning Talk 22:The Difficulties in the way of...

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