Sant Bani Satsang

Reading 1: Portion of a talk by Fletcher Lokey at Sant Bani Ashram, New Hampshire, after the Unity of Man Conference in Delhi in 1974.  Printed in Russell Perkins’ book Stumbling Toward God, p 491-495

Reading 2: “No More Time To Sleep”, a darshan talk with Sant Ji at SKA, February 1997.  Printed in the April-May 1997 Sant Bani Magazine.

Reading 3: “The Real Form of the Guru”, a letter of Baba Sawan Singh to his American disciple Mrs. Brock in 1919, printed in the July 1978 Sant Bani Magazine.

Tape 1: Continue Sant Ji’s  satsang at Bombay, January 8, 1997, on a hymn of Kabir

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Sant Bani – September 15, 2019

Sant Bani Satsang     Readings: “On Satsang and Darshan”, short essay of Baba Sawan Singh, first published in Sari Duniya magazine.  Printed in the May 1984 Sant Bani Magazine. “Farewell to Sant Bani Ashram”, by Sant Ji on May 13, 1984. Printed in the June 1984 Sant...

Sant Bani – September 8, 2019

Sant Bani Satsang     Readings: “The Spiritual Revolution Explained”, a talk by Master Kirpal at the 1973 Birthday Celebration.  Printed in February 1984 Sant Bani Magazine. “There Is Only One Medicine”, Sant Ji Q&A in Rajasthan, October 30, 1978.  Printed in...

Sant Bani – September 1, 2019

Sant Bani Satsang     Readings: Spiritual Gems, Letters 119 - 124 Continue “Guru, Gurudev, Satguru”, a discourse of Master Kirpal in The Night is a Jungle Tape: Begin “This Human Birth Is Precious”, Sant Ji satsang July 26, 1996 at Sant Bani Ashram in New Hampshire,...

Sebastopol – September 15, 2019

Sebastopol Satsang Bhajan 1: Sir Guru Charna Te Rakhni Ha, pg 222 Readings: Morning Talk 15: Know Thyself – You must Rise Above Body Consciousness, Master Kirpal Singh, pg 89 The Birthright to be God, page 23 The Coming Spiritual Revolution, Kirpal Singh Five Dacoits...

Sebastopol – September 1, 2019

Sebastopol Satsang Bhajan 1: Dekha Hai Jab Se Hamane, pg 5 Readings: Morning Talk 14: The True Guru or Master, Master Kirpal Singh, pg 84 The Gift of the Living Master, page 129. The Coming Spiritual Revolution, Kirpal Singh Tape: August 20, 1980. Sant Ajaib Singh Ji...

Sebastopol – August 4, 2019

Sebastopol Satsang Bhajan 1: Saiya Tu Par Langhavi, pg 195 Readings: Morning Talk 13: Learn To Die So That You May Begin to Live, Master Kirpal Singh, pg 76 The Allegory of the Cave Chapter 5, This World is Not Your Home, page 107 The Coming Spiritual Revolution,...

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