February 19, 2023

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Opening bhajan: Nahi Labna – pg. 91


1. “The Place Where Grace Was Showered”, underground room talk October 7, 1981, in November 1981 Sant Bani Magazine

2. Stumbling Toward God / The Years With Ajaib by Russell Perkins, p. 32-37

3. Excerpt from Letter #1 of Baba Jaimal Singh to his beloved disciple Sawan Singh, in Spiritual Letters.


“Chastity”, final satsang in the series of Sant Ji’s commentaries on the Gauri Vars of Guru Ramdas, at Sant Bani Ashram New Hampshire, July 13, 1980. Printed in the May 1994 Sant Bani Magazine.

Closing bhajan: Aao Dyal Prabhu Kirpal Piya – Pg. 92

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