Sant Bani Satsang

Reading 1: Continue In Search of the Gracious One

Reading 2: Selection from “The Heart’s True Yearning”, a satsang of Master Kirpal Singh, printed in the April 1982 Sand Bani Magazine

Reading 3: Continue “Make Your Heart Like a Mountain” a satsang of Sant Ji in Sebastopol CA, July 10, 1977, on a hymn of Hazrat Bahu.  This talk was published in Streams in the Desert.

Tape: Continue a talk of Sant Ji’s in Durban, South Africa on September 2, 1994.  This talk has not been published.

Recent Sant Bani Satsangs

Recent Sebastopol Satsangs

Sant Bani – July 25, 2021

    Readings: Coming soon,... Tape:  Sant Ji's satsang from March 20, 1997Recent Sant Bani Satsangs Recent Sebastopol Satsangs     Sant Bani Ashram30 Ashram RoadSanbornton, NH 03269 (603) 934-5640 Email: santbaniashram AT

Sant Bani – July 18, 2021

    Readings: “Guru Nanak and His Teachings”, an article written by Master Kirpal at the request of the Indian Government on the 500th anniversary of Guru Nanak’s birth, and appearing in newspapers all over India.  Printed in the January 1970 SAT SANDESH Magazine....

Sant Bani – July 11, 2021

    Readings: “Out of Bondage”, Kirpal satsang printed in the January 1970 SAT SANDESH Magazine. “The Matter of Our Soul”, Sant Ji satsang at 16PS April 4, 1986, on bani of Swami Ji.  Printed in the  November 1986 Sant Bani Magazine. Tape:  “The Philosopher’s Stone”,...

Sebastopol – June 20, 2021

Sebastopol Satsang Bhajan: Hamare Pyare Satguru Jaisa, pg 261 Readings:  The Remembrance of God. The Jewel of Happiness, pg 11. Ajaib Singh Surat Shabd Yoga, Chapter 5. The Crown of Life, pg 137. Kirpal Singh Little, Little Things. The Coming Spiritual Revolution, pg...

Sebastopol – June 6, 2021

Sebastopol Satsang Bhajan:Char Padarath, pg 156 Readings:  By Love, Serve One Another, June 6, 1967. The Way of the Saints, pg 335, Master Kirpal Singh Farewell, Stumbling Toward God, Vol I, pg 439. Master Kirpal Singh Tape: January 29, 1983, Rajasthan Bhajan: Re Man...

Sebastopol – May 16, 2021

Sebastopol Satsang Bhajan: Chelo Ni Saiyo Sirsa, pg 4 Readings:  The Spiritual Revolution Explained. The Coming Spiritual Revolution, pg 239. Master Kirpal Singh, 1973 On The Role of Women, Appendix One. The Coming Spiritual Revolution, pg 247. Kirpal Singh...

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