Stumbling Toward God – The Years with Ajaib


Stumbling Toward God: A Spiritual Memoir, subtitled “The Years With Ajaib”

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Stumbling Toward God: A Spiritual Memoir

The Years With Ajaib

by  Russell Perkins


This book is my attempt to describe what it is like to know someone whose whole reason for being was to unite the way of earth with that of heaven: what it is like to be around him, to be loved by him, and to love him back; what it is like to recognize with your whole heart that this is what it means to be human; that any other endeavor is missing the point of our existence. 

"The volume, which is a sequel to 'The Years with Kirpal', is in nine books, and includes the story of my initial encounter with Sant Ajaib Singh Ji in the Rajasthan desert; his first trip to the Americas in 1977; his monumental round-the-world tour in 1980; subsequent tours and meetings; reminiscences of other disciples; and considerations on various aspects of the Path of the Masters and its relation to the cosmos."

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