Stories of Love & Light – Children’s Book

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Stories of Love and Light 

In Remembrance of Sant Ajaib Singh

Illustrated by the Sant Bani Children’s Satsang

Every summer, Dear Ones (from around the USA and beyond) gathered at Sant Bani Ashram to spend a week in the remembrance of our beloved Sant Ajaib Singh Ji, the wonderful farmer Saint from the desert of Rajasthan, India. Families came with their children and during Children’s Satsang, stories of the Master's of Sant Mat were told. Each year the Children’s Satsang would model beeswax into the characters of one of these stories and decorate a window with those beeswax figures to help us remember the story. This book was created using some of those beautiful beeswax window pictures and the stories that Sant Ajaib Singh used to tell in Satsang. The exception is the first story that reflects Doctor Cristobal Molina’s experience who, with the grace of his Master, Kirpal Singh, came to know about the existence of Sant Ajaib Singh during his meditations.
We hope all, young and old, will enjoy this book and take advantage of the teachings within the stories.

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