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Edited by Maureen Harwood – Recipes by Veena Walia

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Recipes In Remembrance 

Edited by Maureen Harwood – Recipes by Veena Walia

This book was originally envisioned to be a joyous sharing of our Sangat’s love and enthusiasm over the impending visit of the Master. It would provide a practical keepsake for our guests to take home, and sales could defray some of the Tour costs. With His Grace, the book came together in short order, and was at the printer’s when the news reached us from Rajasthan of SantJi’s leaving the physical plane. Subsequent to the summer’s events, there was a collective interest in continuing with the project. Sant Bani Ashram graciously agreed to arrange the printing and to handle the distribution. A percentage of the proceeds will go towards the Sant Bani School. Other than these changes, the text is being presented essentially as it was at its initial press time. July 6,1997

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