July 24, 1918

Published in Sant Bani Magazine, September 1998

July 24, 1918

Dear Daughter,

Yours of March 14 to hand. Your previous letter was duly answered and should reach you by this time. I have gone through your correspondence with Mrs. B_____ and Mrs. S_____. Your answer to Mrs. B_____ is in the right spirit, though she was not far wrong as she was prompted by unselfish motives. She says in her letter that she did not reveal the Five Holy Names.

You are right in your method of correspondence with strangers inquiring after spiritual truth. In these days of materialism, there are few people who really care for spiritual development. Therefore, some amount of discrimination is necessary in spiritual aid. Towards those persons whom you have reason to believe to be attached to the world and its enjoyments, a discreet silence is much better than laying your pearls before swine, but those who come to you with sincere desire for seeking the “Truth” and attaining the goal of life and who are not blindly tied to any particular form of belief, you may point out the grandeur of this Path.

You should shape your line of action according to the principles of the Saints, without caring how others are following them. The Master’s instructions to the spiritual travelers are one and the same, though different persons may view them differently through the colored glasses of their vision.

If you are satisfied that Mrs. P_____ is a sincere seeker after truth, you may help her in grasping the principles of the Path.

Your spiritual progress may be slow but it is sure and steady and one day you will reach the goal. It is better to progress slowly. The path of rapid progress is dangerous. The followers of other paths make rapid strides through listening to left ear sound, but they cannot go beyond “Brahm.” Different persons have different rates of spiritual progress. Those whose lives have been quite pure in previous births, they need simply a hint and their progress is quick; others see the Light and hear the Sound soon after initiation, but the burden of “Karma” subsequently comes in their way and hinders their further spiritual progress. Usually spiritual progress is slow up to the first degree, because the traveler has to combat with serious difficulties and troubles, because this is the stage where matter reigns supreme. But as soon as this stage is reached, a devotee’s progress becomes sure and quick. You may help Mrs. S_____ in all the possible ways and allow her sufficient time to remove all kinds of doubts in her mind, and when she is fully satisfied, you may recommend her later on and the arrangements will be made for her Initiation.

Yours affectionately,