January 1, 1919

Published in Sant Bani Magazine, May 1979

January 1, 1919

Dear Son,

As for your personal enquiries, there is no need to be impatient for rapid spiritual progress; everything comes in its own good time. The force which opposes spiritual progress is one’s own Karma.

The human entity, having been subject to the influence of mind and matter for ever so long, has become embedded in temporal desires; and when the attempt is made to take him out, the impressions of ancient Karma impede his way — as whenever the soul goes into the state of trance, it does not return without being first struck with some worldly thoughts which bring the soul down. As the Sound practice progresses and the Karma is burnt off, then the soul will have a firm position there. Although in our heart we may persuade ourselves that we have eliminated “desires,” yet it is not correct; because so long as the Karma is not washed away, which happens at the “second stage” only, the spiritual progress is only by fits and starts and not uniform — just like an ant ascending a wall — and until then it can’t be said that the practitioner has abandoned desire. When you return from trance, you should take notice of the thought that brought you down and of the desire generating that thought, and then try to weaken the power of that desire and in like manner you may go on sifting your thoughts every day. The seat of Will Power is in the Antar Karan — the four-petaled lotus behind the eyes — which is reflected in the heart center. The mind acts from the four-petaled lotus to the heart center and thence out to the world. The teachers from Brahmand or the Avtaras ascend along the three light currents (gunas) which starting from behind the eyes and passing through Sahans-dal Kanwal (Thousand-petaled lotus) reach the second stage terminating on the top of the Sumer mountain, and they cannot go higher up. On the other hand the Sound practitioners, namely the Saints, go up by means of the Sound Current to the first stage, thence go through a sort of tunnel to the second stage, thence proceeding to the third stage and from there respectively to the eighth stage or the Radha Soami region. Thus you will find that there are the following three distinctions between the two:

1. The Saints reach the eighth degree while the Brahmand Avtaras do not go beyond the second.

2. The Saints go up by Sound, while the Avtaras travel by Light or with Sound of the second degree.

3. As the second degree lies within the scope of Kal and Maya, and the coverings of all the three bodies (physical, astral and causal) cannot be removed until the third stage is reached, therefore the souls of the Avtaras are not so pure and powerful against temptations, and hence they come into the world again and again at intervals.

As the Saints’ souls are cured of all the impurities of Kal and Maya or Brahm, Their souls go on gaining greater strength at every stage until They dissolve in the eighth degree and become one in the Supreme Being. Thus you will see They never come back. All the religions of the world, including Yogis, Yogeshwars, Gyanis, Prophets, Incarnations, etc., end at the second stage. The attitude of humble submissiveness in the interior journey of the soul sometimes becomes dangerous as it is possible that the other soul may mislead you to his own abode and stop your further progress; just as in the world, when you have to finish your work soon, you avoid those people who are liable to delay you.

Full trust without any wavering does not come before the Karma is washed away, which takes place at the second stage.

I am very glad for the questions you have asked because they all relate to the Sound practice.

With love and blessings and hearty Radha Soami to yourself and all the Satsangis,

Yours affectionately,