Dear Ones, 

On Saturday, October 8th, there will be an in-person and virtual retreat in remembrance of the founding of Sant Bani Ashram 59 years ago by Master Kirpal Singh Ji.  Russell will hold the evening Satsang (at 6:30 Eastern). 

We will follow the same schedule we’ve used recently.  It will be attached to the email sent the week before the retreat, and will have the Zoom link, too. 

For those attending the retreat in person, this will be a “Silent Retreat.”  This means that each of us should maintain silence while at the Ashram and refrain from social conversation with others between meditation sittings and at mealtimes. 

For guests staying at the Ashram, please do not arrive earlier than 3:30 p.m. on Friday afternoon.  There will be a light snack offered Friday evening, three meals on Saturday and lunch on Sunday.  If you wish to stay at the Ashram, please register as soon as possible:  Overnight Guests  Registering earlier will allow time for communication if needed.

If you live locally and are having your meals at the Ashram, please register by Wednesday, October 5th:  Local Initiates

We ask that you have no symptoms of illness before attending the retreat in person, and that you take a Covid test within 48 hours of the retreat and have a negative result.   

In Master’s Love, Sant Bani Ashram