Dear Ones, 
Starting this Wednesday, August 18th, tomorrow, we are going to ask everyone going to the Hall for satsang or meditation to wear a mask.  All three Masters have told us to follow public health guidance.  CDC guidance has recently changed to encourage even fully vaccinated people to wear masks in public indoors to prevent possibly catching the virus or spreading it to others.  Since the rate of infection and the number of new cases in NH are increasing each day, it’s prudent that we begin wearing masks in the Hall and the Big House again.  As before, please follow the other guidelines we’ve outlined for the Hall: Signing in, placing a 3″x 5″ card by your cushion or chair, sitting apart from others, use of hand sanitizer, and opening windows, as needed, for more air circulation.   We will run the fans, too, when it’s hot.  If you have questions please email the Ashram or leave a message on the answering machine.