February 6, 2021 all-day

This is a retreat in honor of Master Kirpal Singh’s birthday, February 6, 1894.

There are actually two virtual retreats scheduled for this day! One is held on the East coast, from Sant Bani Ashram, and the other one in San Francisco, California, in place of the famous San Francisco Bhandara.

If you want the zoom link for the Sant Bani retreat please email us at santbaniashramATgmail.com. 

If you want the zoom links for the San Francisco Bandhara please email us at sfkirpalretreatATgmail.com 

Sant Ji wrote, referring to Kirpal’s Birthday:

“Dear Ones, today is a very auspicious opportunity to pray to the Master and ask Him for His blessings and grace. We should clean the soul with the broom of Simran, and with meditation beautify our souls. Apologize for the faults. Who knows whether we will get such an opportunity again or not? I can assure you that if our efforts are determined, and our faith in the Master is strong, definitely the destination will kiss our feet and will welcome us. 

So let us appreciate the time, and not let it slip out of our hands. Let us apply ourselves in cleaning our soul, so that we may make our birth successful and earn the pleasure of Hazur Kirpal.

Once again, millions of congratulations on Master’s Birthday.

The wiper of your shoes,

Ajaib Singh

(February 1997 – Sant Bani Magazine)