October 3, 1972

Published in Sant Bani Magazine, September 1991

This Satsang was given on October 3, 1972 in Sawan Durbar Ashram, Kengeri, Bangalore. It was translated during the discourse itself by Mr. R. P. Ragavendra.

Baba Somanath Ji was born in a small village in South India on September 7, 1885. See the November 1990 issue of the magazine for another of His Satsangs.

These are the sayings of Satguru Tulsi Sahib. He says that for our entire lives we are so much absorbed in the activities of our own minds that we have given our minds a very exalted position within ourselves. And often, no matter how much the Master or Guru advises us, not even a little bit of that advice will enter our within. We have placed our mind first and foremost in our hearts. In this way, where the mind leads, so too the actions will follow.

There is a very heavy coating of ignorance and maya covering this entire life of ours. However much the Master advises us, our minds can never turn inwards because these forces are so great and in our hearts we are always merged with lust for the opposite sex and lust for the worldly objects. Because of these two strong outward and downward pulling energies in our lives, we do not have the strength to pull our attention within ourselves. Why? Because these two forces are preventing us from grasping the nature of our Inner Selves. The force of maya is very strong. Unless we are prepared to leave these two forces and overcome our false heartedness, we will not be able to conquer and de-throne our mind within us, no matter how many spiritual practices we engage in.

That Great and All Compassionate One, the Supremely Divine Swan, who comes in the form of the living Saint, from age to everlasting age, gives to the blind and ignorant souls the rays of truth. But for these ignorant ones, unless they hear the true teachings, grasp them to their hearts and practice them with all their might, they will never remove the darkness of that ignorance from themselves.

Truly speaking, there is not an iota of happiness in this ignorance. Everyone is always thinking of their problems. “Well if I only had children, I’d be happy,” or “Wouldn’t it be better if I didn’t have these children.” “I wish I had a wife,” or “My wife is such a burden.” “I never have enough money,” or “I’m always worried about where to keep my money.” Our hearts are perpetually ruined by these worldly concerns and we never attain the true happiness and peace that we seek. We make the world our home and in this confusion we drown.

Tulsi Sahib says that the strength of the Kal Power is so great and so forceful that even the most noble of earthly souls can never escape its far and widespread net. Shackled in that powerful grasp of the Kal Force, no amount of intelligence or cunning can release them. In the end, they are devoured by that force and there is absolutely nothing that they can do to escape from it.

Some people are prone to think that this Kali Yuga is the Age of Great Sin. We see great ignorance, falsehoods of all kinds, bad deeds and destruction and many feel that there is no escape from this horrible world. However, Tulsi Sahib wishes to inform us that of all the yugas, or ages — Treta Yuga, Dwapar Yuga and Sat Yuga — this Kali Yuga is the best. Why? Because it is only in this Kali Yuga that the Saints can come to liberate us. In the other ages, Dwapar for instance, pure Dharma existed. In the Treta Yuga, there were Rama and other such great avatars. In the Sat Yuga, Truth was prominent, people had lengthened lives and superb characteristics. But to actually come away from the cycle of birth and death, only adherence to the True Form of the Saints can save us. It is only in this yuga that we can grasp the Path of the Saints and unless and until we can do that we can not get away from this cycle of birth and death and attain mukti or immortality.

Once a devotee surrenders his all to the divine protection of the Master, completely in thought, word and deed, and with true devotion he gets Naam from the Master, in this very life itself, that devotee will attain mukti or salvation.

Only if you have belief with true devotion and full faith in the Lotus Feet of the Master, can you completely overcome the cycle of birth and death here in this world. In Sat Yuga, though all was fine and the Truth prevailed there at that time, those jivas living then still had to take up this bodily form again and again. Therefore, it is in Kali Yuga or right now during this part of the time cycle, that is the very best opportunity to take the protection of the living Master or Saint.

Some people, although they appear to have full faith and devotion and it seems that they want the Naam and the divine protection of the Master, have really filled up their minds with women. And so you can imagine what kind of devotional practices they are doing. It is rather like the worm that remains in the Neem tree. This worm is always wanting sugary sweetness, but it only gets the extreme bitterness of the Neem.

A scholarly person may have read the four Vedas, the Puranas, Shastras and Upanishads, but as long as he does not understand the meaning of true love for God, how can he be called truly knowledgeable? This divine love or Prem, which is comprised of two and a half letters in the Indian language, must not only be able to be written, it must be comprehended and totally absorbed, in body, mind and soul. Then and only then, can you attain that pundithood or the priesthood of a truly learned state.

Some folks spend their entire lives writing their thoughts down into books, and other folks spend their whole lives in reading the words that others have written. But for either one of these so-called learned pundits, in the end it will be seen that all their efforts have been in vain and they are regarded as the lowliest of the low and they have to reap a very grim fortune.

With some people, the love of wealth is very prominent. From that wealth they acquire education and the false knowledge of spirituality. Then they start teaching others about discrimination and preach to them about detachment, when in reality they have no true discrimination or detachment of their own. When calamity befalls them, they are horrified and they run away. Those who call themselves the pundits, they just start weeping. Whereas, the Real Being, the Satgen<i>, no matter how many troubles befall Him, He embraces them, just as when gold is melted in the flame, it becomes more purified and it never gets destroyed.

It doesn’t matter how many Vedas one has read, a pundit can never know how to still the mind, no matter how many theories he can expound. Studying the writings of the beginning and the nature of the universe and of its Creator from the point of view of the mind will not bring real knowledge. There is nothing which can be gained concerning these things simply from the mind and mental activities. It is all useless.

If you really want to experience that omnipotent force which pervades the entire universe, you must first still the mind and go within. When the mind is quiet, you must merge with the Sound Current which comes from above and travel with it. Then only will you be able to understand this net of Kal, this power of illusion which is always holding us bound to this place.

The devotees who have joined their hearts and their souls together and have merged them with that Sound Current that comes from above, are the only people who are liberated from this world. Furthermore, this only comes with the grace and blessings of the Master. The others, though they have taken Naam initiation, if they have not merged with the Sound Current and received the illumination, the vison of the Master within them, then without that connection they will not be able to realize the Naam and become liberated.

He who is the Destined One, lives in this world of fieldsmen. He is the Satgen, the Good One, the True Being. He always chooses what is the truth and eschews what is false and wrong. It is all something like that of the winnowing pan. The pan holds sand, grains and chaff all mixed together. When the winnowing is performed, all the sand and the chaff will go and only the hard grains will remain. Thus, what is essential is winnowed from the false as is the job of the pan. Similarly, the true devotee will only partake and absorb Sat Naam, the True Word of the Sound Current within and by so doing will come out of this world of illusion forever.

* * *