Sant Bani Ashram

Sanbornton, NH

These bhajans are the ones printed in the book Songs of the Masters.

“The Perfect Masters do not write the bhajans or talk only to impress the people of the world. In fact, that is a means of showering grace on all the souls; not only on the human beings but also on other creatures like birds, and animals, They shower Their grace. And since the bhajans are the voice of Their hearts, that is why they carry a great impact. Those who sing the bhajans written by the Perfect Masters with much love and longing, they get a lot of intoxication and grace from the Master. It has a very great effect on people. Both those who listen to the words of the Master which are being sung and those who are singing the bhajans get a lot of benefit.”

Sant Ajaib Singh, Bangalore, 1987.

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Please noticed that the end of the name of each bhajans refers to who sings it;

G & P refers to Gurmel and Pappu singing the bhajan. “west” refers to a westerner singing it and “indian” to an indian singing it.


If you want to download the bhajans to be able to play offline CLICK HERE.