Sant Bani Ashram

Sanbornton, NH


The Anurag Sagar of Kabir, with commentary by Russell Perkins, 1980-81

While the Anurag Sagar of Kabir was being translated under the guidance of Sant Ajaib Singh Ji, Russell Perkins gave a series of talks, reading the text and discussing the footnotes which Master had tasked him with writing.  These talks of various lengths were given during Sunday satsangs and were collected as a special series of cassettes, available through the Ashram tape catalog. 
40 years later (in 2020), many dear ones are still listening to the talks, though many have noticed the sound quality of their cassettes significantly deteriorating. Even the archived originals are not so clear anymore. Fortunately, some years back a dear one had had their personal set transferred to CD before losing too much sound quality, and it is from these that the present mp3 files were created. There is some variation in sound quality, both from the original recordings and from the subsequent wear on much-loved and listened-to cassettes. We did check our work against two other copies for comparison: another digitized set, as well as an unused set of cassette copies, in an effort to restore less audible sections as best as possible.
  • The talks were collected onto 8 cassettes, with topic areas divided as listed below. 
  • In the originals, in order to fit onto tapes, talks were sometimes started at the end of one tape and finished on another. We reunited talks that had been split, so the eight audio files might not exactly match the cassettes, for those familiar. There are two or three complete talks in each audio file.
  • The sound has been improved as much as possible with the emphasis on noise reduction, consistent volume, and clarity. Results were mostly good, with some areas more difficult to restore than others.