Sant Bani Ashram

Sanbornton, NH



Important Announcements


We are happy to announce that the Meditation Hall is now reopened for personal meditation.  We are not yet holding satsang in the Hall; it will continue to take place via Zoom for the time being. When satsangs resume in the Meditation Hall, they will be zoomed at the same time. 

Please click here to read the set of guidelines for meditating in the Hall before coming. The most important instruction is that we must wear masks while in the Hall or the Hall vestibule.  If you plan to use the Hall, you might try meditating with a mask in advance.  Some have found it fairly easy while others have found it very difficult.


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Click here to read Sant Bani Ashram Updates – Spring 2020 

Upcoming Virtual Retreats:

Saturday, May 15th, in celebration of Sant Ji’s first visit to Sant Bani.

 Saturday July 3rd through Tuesday July 6th – In celebration of Sant Ajaib Singh’s life.

It will start Saturday afternoon follow by 3 full-days on July 4th, 5th, and 6th. 

Friday & Saturday, August 20th & 21st, in celebration of Master Kirpal Singh’s life.

Saturday, September 11th, in celebration of Sant Ajaib Singh’s birthday.

For the retreat schedule, click here. For the zoom link, contact the ashram.


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It’s not clear when the Ashram will be able to hold satsangs in the Hall again or host guests and resume in-person retreats.  However, we look forward to when this will be possible!      


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“Kirpal gave only this message, and even the wind also teaches us this,  


  If you keep walking while doing the Simran, the destination will come to you by itself.” 


Sant Ajaib Singh Ji