Sant Bani Ashram

Sanbornton, NH



Important Announcements


Due to the situation with the coronavirus, all events at Sant Bani Ashram are cancelled until further notice. The Big House and the Satsang Hall are also closed until further notice; click here for more information.We will post any updates on this page. Please feel free to contact us via phone or email.


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Upcoming Virtual Retreats:

Saturday, November 28th, a time to give thanks.

“We cannot thank Him enough through our tongue. The only way to thank Him is by going within and bowing to Him in the inner world.” Ajaib Singh 


Friday, January 1st, in celebration of the New Year 2021.


Saturday, February 6th, in celebration of Master Kirpal’s birthday.

For the retreat schedule, click here. For the zoom link, contact the ashram.


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An unexpected gift from this situation is that we have started to hold live Satsangs via We are holding Satsang every evening, except Sunday, at 7:30 (EST)  with meditation at 6:30 as we used to do in the Satsang Hall; a brief meditation talk is played or read at 6:25. Also, the Sunday Satsang is broadcasted live at 11:00 with meditation at 10 and a brief mediation talk is played or read at 9:55. If you want more information about how to join these live satsangs please contact us.     


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“Kirpal gave only this message, and even the wind also teaches us this,  


  If you keep walking while doing the Simran, the destination will come to you by itself.” 


Sant Ajaib Singh Ji