June 11, 1939

Published in Sant Bani Magazine, July 2000

May the compassion of the Lord of thy soul be with thee,

May the Lord of thy soul help thee forever and ever.

Dear Kirpal Singh Ji,

Radhaswami. I have received your loving letter and am happy to read its contents. My dear, saints inherit discomfort in life.

When the crown of love was placed on my head,

Sighs were given as cash grant and desert as property.

We are puppets in the Lord’s hands,

We are dragged by our destiny;

We go wherever we are ordained to,

Nanak, how true it is!

We people have come to serve the Lord. You keep yourself engaged in meditation and complete the course of spirituality. But, the service of His creation is equally essential. Look at me. I remain engaged in the service of humanity from morn till night. Sometimes I do not get sufficient time to do meditation, but Hazur Maharaj [Baba Jaimal Singh] used to say that service is no less important than meditation. And, if you feel that people do not pay as much attention to our love as they should, we do not expect any compensation for our services to the Satsang. All sorts of people come in Satsang. There are some whose hearts are overflowing with love and are ready to sacrifice their all — body, mind and money. There are also some who indulge in tall talk and calumny; they are ever ready to slander. But our duty is to love all. If they do not give up their wicked ways, why should we leave our noble ways? My advice to you is that you should do Satsang while fulfilling your official duties honestly and also complete your course of Bhajan and Simran. I am greatly pleased with you. You are serving the Lord with all your resources — body, mind and money.

Convey my Radhaswami to Bibi Krishna and love to children.